Kannur Lighthouse (2 km)

Its vantage point offers an awe-inspiring view of the entire Kannur city, Arabian Sea, and the Baby beach.

Payyambalam Beach, Kannur (3.3 km)

A beautiful spot, 1.9 km away from the hotel, Payyambalam beach is maintained impeccably. A secluded place, it offers you the chance to relax or enjoy with your family in absolute peace. If you are adventurous enough, you can opt for swimming and surfing activities.

Baby Beach (3 km)

Baby beach, 1.4 km away from the hotel, is an extension of the Payyambalam beach. Unlike its name, it is a very happening picnic spot. One of the rare rocky beaches, it offers a beautiful view of the sky during sunrise and sunset.

Kannur Fort (3.2 km)

St. Angelo's fort, popularly called Kannur fort is situated 1.36 km away from the hotel. Amongst the most historic sites in Kannur, the imposing fort is flanked by gigantic bastions. From the fort, one can see the Mappila Bay and the beautiful Dharmadam island in the Arabian sea.

Muzhapillangad Drive-In Beach (15 km)

Believed to be Asia's longest drive-in beach, it is an absolute delight for every driving enthusiast.

Madayipara (25 km)

This hill station, rich in biodiversity and natural beauty, is a nice place to hangout with family and friends.